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Sprecher mit eigenem Studio

customer reviews:

.....a great job, performed with perfection and adjusted to time. A great voice and a great professional!! A pleasure to work with him....


...nice and easy collaboration with the expected professional result.....

...wonderful work!...

From my 30 years of experience as sound engineer, director
and instructor I know:
That a speaker must not only have a good voice, but most of all, know how to adequately meet the requirements of a text.
During my extensive experience on both sides of the studio desk,
I was able to perfectly perform the dubbing, as a speaker myself, for various projects over the course of time.
As a musician, the theme of optimal vocal training and harmonious tonality of one's own voice has always been close to my heart. In our studio, with "state of the art" equipment and all connectivity options, via Skype, Source Connect, Zoom, session link pro.....
Of course, my team and I can also work for you independently and send you the completed recordings, edited and mixed, in a very short time.
Companies such as Rewe, IBM, Garmin, Milupa, Cisco, Bang und Olufsen, Hasbro, Lotus, Cathay Pazific, Teva, Lidl, Zoom, Bosch, Airbus, DHL, Condor and others already trust in the persuasive power of my voice. Listen for yourself:


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